The Perfect Place To Find Your Water Space.

A local community that shares and cares. A platform to create financial freedom. Welcome to Dipp.

My first ice cream.

About Dipp

Dipp began in 2020 in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the idea that anyone could create real income byrenting his or her underutilized pool or hot tub.

Our Mission

Make all kinds of water spaces around the world available for those who want to experience them: community pools, hotel spas, private hot tubs, and so much more.

Core Values

Transparency in transactions.

Bringing local communities closer.

Giving our hosts a bottom-line boost.

Giving our Dippers beautiful spaces.


We all love water. We grew up on, in, and around it. We learned to swim, jump, dive, play, boat, float, sail, paddle, ski, and fish it. We explored creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, shores, bays, beaches, pools, and islands…all in pursuit of beautiful, relaxing, memorable experiences. We created slogans and phrases like “Salt Life” to show our passion for water.

Water is truly our life!

Our Dipp founding team, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saw water as the next share space in the midst of the covid pandemic in 2020. People cooped up in their homes trying to be safe and sound still found time to spend in and around Oklahoma lakes and rivers…and even their neighbors’ pools and hot tubs.

We then noticed two companies globally – one in the US and one in France – adventuring down this path already…and decided we would join the safari by establishing our very own watering hole for others to share.

And thus began our journey to build this special place called Dipp.